Monday, July 30, 2012

Full Moon's Embrace

Author:  Alanna Cormier
Copyright 2012

     My name is Dorian, and over the centuries I have searched for a release...a therapeutic antidote to my sorrow. It wasn't long before I turned to music and I can boast of being a master over several instruments. The piano, guitar, violin, to name a few, but my current outlet comes in the form of a cello. It's haunting notes seem to express my very soul if I still possess such a thing. You may ask what has tormented me for so long, that it must be complicated, but the answer is simple. It is a tortured heart that plagues my existence. Once a month for more than a century I visit the same tree, our tree, when the moon is full. The moonlight seems to rain through the graceful blowing leaves dappling the ground beneath and this is where I play. I sit on a rock and roll up the sleeves of my white shirt and begin. The melody starts softly almost like a lullaby, but then builds to encompass the full depth of my feelings. 

The wind seems to rise in sympathy to my anguish and gingerly carries my story into the distance. Is it wrong to hope that the wind will carry my feelings to the one I love across the distance...across the years? That one day we will find each other again? Could that miracle be tonight? I don't know if creatures such as myself deserve miracles, but that does not mean I will stop praying for one. I continue to play, caressing the strings and making them hum for me. My concert lasted for hours and as it came to a close I let out a sigh. That sigh contained the exhaustion of the years due to disappointed hopes. 

 As I got up to leave, the wind wrapped around me like a blanket. Enveloping me in it's warmth. I brushed my dark hair from my eyes and saw a woman standing before me in a flowing night gown. Her hair glowed in the moonlight and her eyes shined like the stars above. My breath caught. It was her, my love that I beheld, and the wind brought her to me. I walked over to her uncertain if this were a dream. She took my left hand and placed it against her cheek. She was real and in that moment I shed a tear. I placed one hand around her waist and pulled her to me. “My love,” I whispered as she wrapped her arms around me. “I've come home,” she replied. I pulled her up on her toes and kissed her with the built up passions of the years, abandoning my sorrow and embracing the happiness before me.

Friday, July 27, 2012

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